Sherpa Adventure Gear New Zealand

From the highest reaches of the Himalayas, our people lead the world in mountaineering with warmth, grace and good humour. In our humble experience, there is no better place for testing equipment—and character.

You – our Sherpa followers, our extended family – asked and we have now delivered.

All the way from a group of small villages in Nepal high up in the mountains, our hand knit hats are made with love – each and every one of them. While their husbands risk their lives guiding climbers all the way to Everest, the women spend their days tending to their families and knitting our hats. The colours are beautiful, each one is individual and you will just fall in love with them.

Our top end gear is all tested on Everest, who else can say that? We follow a very stringent process to ensure the end result is one you can rely on – no matter what conditions you encounter, only the best will do. Be quick though as our range of both women’s and men’s apparel is limited – don’t miss out!

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Made in Nepal. Just like us.

Saying “Made in Nepal” means the world to us – socially, economically and 
environmentally. Because we are Sherpa-owned and Sherpa-run, we are pleased to report that most of our garments and hats come directly from Kathmandu. Someday, we hope all of them will because today Sherpa Adventure Gear 
employs over 1,000 people in Nepal, improving communities, families and lives with year-round jobs and quality working conditions. These things matter. 
Our workers are our family in so many ways.

We Are Sherpa.

From the highest peaks of the Himalayas, our people lead the world of 
mountaineering with warmth, grace and good humor. Our company seeks 
to honor our legendary high altitude climbers by creating adventure gear 
that earns their praise. As a Sherpa-owned company, we also believe our brand can strengthen the fabric of our families, villages and country by 
giving scholarships and meaningful employment to the people of Nepal. 
The heart of Sherpa is a special place, perhaps the best place on earth 
for creating and testing equipment –and character.

What goes around comes around.

Every piece of Sherpa gear is finished with an Endless Knot.

This auspicious symbol represents the unity of thought and action, words and deeds, wisdom and compassion. We place it here to bring you good fortune, and serve as a constant reminder that all things, in all ways, are tied together as one.